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Financial Wellness Program

What is Enrich?

At Bluestone, we are committed to helping our community grow and succeed. That means giving you every opportunity and resource available on the road to financial success. That’s why we partnered with Enrich, a financial education platform that helps you take control and plan for a strong financial future. Educate yourself on everything from budgeting, to retirement, to investing and so much more.  That’s backed by Bluestone.

Since you are backed by Bluestone, all of the information is available to you for free!  Educate yourself on a variety of topics through videos, articles, downloadable worksheets and online courses!  Begin your financial wellness journey today.

How does Enrich work?

Working together, we'll get you on the right path to financial wellness.

  • Step 1:  Financial checkup

    Answer a few questions, and we'll create a personalized plan to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Step 2:  Recommendations

    We’ll deliver personalized recommendations to help get you on the right financial wellness journey.

  • Step 3:  Understanding Your Money Habits
    How you spend, save and borrow money will affect your plan's success. We'll show you how.

  • Step 4:  Stay on Track
    Now that you have your plan, use the financial tools, resources and courses to stay on track with your goals. 

Register on Enrich to begin your personal financial wellness journey TODAY!

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