Bank with Confidence


Because our web address is:

Why .bank?

We are your ally against fraud. Our dot bank domain means a more secure banking experience, keeping you safer from cyber scammers and phishing schemes who can easily access information from an email account ending in “dot com”.

What is a .bank domain?

A “dot bank” extension is a gated domain exclusively available to banks. While just about anyone can get a “dot com” domain, only banks can be a “dot bank”. That means you have the highest level of security and protection against cybercriminal attacks.

Why is it important to us?

Simply put, keeping your personal information safe and secure away from hackers and scammers is our top priority. As one of the only banks in the region that has made the move to .bank, you can count on us as a leader in the next level of banking security.

So, sit back and relax.
.bank domain has your back.