Online & Mobile Banking

There are some important things you need to know about access to Online & Mobile Banking during the upgrade weekend of February 12–15.

Friday, Feb 12
  • As of 4:30pm, Mansfield Bank online and mobile banking services will be available for inquiry only throughout the weekend until Monday, Feb. 15th when they will no longer be available. Bill payment will no longer be accessible.

    Note: Transactions posted after February 12th will not be reflected in your online running balance until February 16th. Please ensure that you have verified and/or updated the contact phone number you have registered with Mansfield Bank online banking as it is used to perform stepped-up security when you login for the first time.

    Please be sure to print or save any transaction history or eStatement information you will need after the upgrade since transaction history and eStatements will not be available. Only activities that are posted after February 12th will be reflected in your online and mobile banking history on the new Bluestone service.

Monday, Feb 15
  • Mansfield Bank Online & Mobile Banking services no longer available. The app can be deleted as the service will be discontinued.

  • The new Bluestone Bank online and mobile service, including bill payment, will be available at 8:00am.

Important note: You will need to establish your Online Banking profile before you can access the Mobile Banking app.

  • Print all active payee information include payee name, nickname, address, account number and phone number so you have a record of all current payees for verification that the payee information was converted properly.
  • Make note of any "Reminders" you have set up as they will not convert and you will need to re-establish them after the upgrade. You may also want to delete any eBills you have set up as they will need to be re-established on the Bluestone Bill Payment Manager.
  • All your payees and six months of bill payment history will be converted to the Bill Payment Manager. Please make a note of the payments scheduled one week prior, during, and one week after the upgrade date to assure all payments have processed properly.
  • Retain this information for post-upgrade verification.

History will be converted:

  • You will have six months of bill payment history on the Bluestone Bill Payment Manager.
  • You should be able to view your history when you login on or after February 15th.

Verify funding account information.

  • Be sure to verify the primary funding account if you have multiple funding accounts selected in Bill Payment.
  • An account has been selected as your primary funding account during the upgrade.
  • If you do not select another funding account each time you make a payment, the payment will go out using the default/primary funding account that was selected.

Using the most current payee statement/bill and the list of your payment details which you retained from the pre-upgrade checklist, verify the following in your Bluestone Bill Payment Manager system for ALL PAYEES:

  • Payee Names
  • Be sure that you are able to differentiate between two payees with the same name
  • Payment addresses (the mailing address that you would use if you mailed your payment. Note: Our core processor might have a different address due to our relationship with the vendor)
  • Payee phone numbers
  • Our account number with payee
  • Pending payments amounts, recurring, payment models, and due dates

Note: If our core processor has a managed relationship with a vendor, you may see "Address on File" in place of the physical address. These addresses do not need to be verified.


Payee Account Number – Please ensure that the full payee account number has been carried over to the Bill Payment Manager so that payments can be credited correctly for payments generated after the upgrade.

Payee Nickname – if a payee nickname is provided, it will be populated as an abbreviated combination of your payee nickname and payee name.

DUPLICATE RECURRING PAYMENTS TO THE SAME PAYEE – are not allowed in the Bluestone Bill Payment Manager and should be modified before the upgrade. To make duplicate payee payments in Bill Payment Manager, set up on recurring payment for the first payment and then set up one-time payments for the additional payments. For example, if you pay your mortgage twice per month (different amounts) on the 1st and 15th, the payment you set up for the 1st is recurring, and the extra payment for the 15th is set up as 12 one-time payments.

EXTERNAL TRANSFERS – External Transfers (A2A) are not available on the Bill Payment Manager. We have solutions like Zelle® for transferring funds in near or rea-time to any payee with an email, or mobile phone number. See a full list of Zelle FAQs (hyperlink to Zelle FAQs). In addition, we can set up a recurring transfer to your external account recipient through our internal transfer system. See a bank representative if you would like to sign up for this service. Internal transfers between your accounts with Bluestone Bank can be completed in online banking or the mobile app.

eBILL ENROLLMENT – You may want to deactivate your eBills prior to the upgrade for easy transition as all eBills will be terminated at the time of the upgrade. You can re-enroll for those eBills post-upgrade on the Bill Payment Manager service.

Note: It may take several weeks before you can re-establish an eBill that was terminated by the Mansfield Bank bill pay provider. A vendor’s system must clear out the old eBill delivery information before it can accept new delivery information.

REINSTATE ANY BILL PAY REMINDERS – that you wish to have set up.

ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS VERSUS CHECK PAYMENTS – Please be patient as our system consolidates and matches payee information from the upgrade with our payee processor information. This may affect the type of payment (check or electronic) that can be processed both initially and in the future. This will not prevent your payments from being made, but they may initially be delivered by a different method that you are accustomed to. Plan all due dates accordingly. Verify the payment due date through the calendar widget post the upgrade which will estimate when the payment will reach your payee.

To access online banking:
1. Visit

Visit our website homepage at and look for the online banking login.

2. Enter Your ID

Enter your Mansfield Bank user ID using all lowercase letters even if you had capital letters previously.

3. Complete the Security Code

You will be asked to complete a one-time security code process which uses the phone number you had on file in the Mansfield Bank online banking system.

4. Enter Password

After you have completed the security code process, you will enter your temporary password which is the last 6 digits of your Social Security number. You will then be prompted to change your password.

5. Create a New Password

Your new password must contain letters and numbers, a minimum of 8 characters, and a maximum of 16 characters. Passwords are case sensitive.

6. Review the Terms & Conditions

You will be prompted to read and agree to the online banking terms and conditions before being taken to your accounts landing page.

7. Verify Your Accounts

Verify that you see all your accounts and, if applicable, your bill payment information.

As previously noted, online banking transactions will begin to be posted after February 12th and you will see them in your online history. The running balance of your deposit account(s) will become available beginning on Tuesday, February 16th.

To Access Mobile Banking

After you have successfully logged into the Bluestone online banking you can sign on to mobile banking using your online banking user ID and password. Search for the Bluestone Bank Mobile app in the Google Play® or the Apple App® stores to download the mobile app.

Apple App Store  Google App Store

Mobile Banking Features Include:

  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Pay bills
  • Card Controls for your ATM/Debit Card
  • Check the balance and history on your accounts
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Zelle® (Person-to-person payments)1

1 Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled in Zelle. Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.

Mobile Remote Deposit

Your mobile remote deposit services are accessed after you have signed into the mobile app. Through the deposit function in the mobile app, you are able to take pictures of the front and back of your check for deposit to eligible accounts. You are able to make single check deposits only. The daily limits are:

Daily # of deposits10
Daily Deposit Dollar Limit$5,000
Single Check Dollar Limit$2,500
Multi-Day (5) # of Deposits Limit15
Multi-Day (5) Dollar Limit$10,000

Note: Limit exceptions may be made depending on your deposit needs. Please see a bank representative if you need a change.

You will receive an email confirmation when your mobile deposit is received by the bank and again once it is approved for processing.

Deposits received by 4:00pm on a Monday-Friday except holidays will be credited during nightly processing. Deposits made after 4:00pm or on a non-banking day will be credited on the next business day during nightly processing.

Feb 5

In order to prepare for the upgrade, new enrollments to bill payment will be suspended

Feb 12

Bill payment service on the Mansfield Bank system will be suspended at 4:30pm. Payments scheduled on or before February 12th will be processed on February 12th. Funding withdrawals will appear on your account as of February 16th.

Bill Payments you have scheduled on or after February 16th will be processed on the new Bill Payment Manager.

Feb 15

Enrollment may begin on the new processor


You will need to re-enroll in eStatements once you have logged into online banking. New statements produced after February 12th will be available in online banking after enrollment. When enrolled in eStatements, you will receive an email or text alert when a new eStatement is available for viewing.

Security Alerts

There are many information alerts that can be set up within Online Banking. View the Full List.

There are a number of security alerts such as a change of your online user ID and password, Bill payment payee changes, etc. that cannot be deleted and will be sent to the contacts you have set up in the online banking system. These alerts are generated to the registered email address or mobile phone number.